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Clear dental braces called Invisalign are used to realign crooked teeth. Although many people view crooked teeth as a cosmetic issue, a misaligned dentition can lead to a variety of oral problems.

  1. Invisalign is individualized

Each patient has a completely individual treatment strategy. A digital 3D impression of the molars will be taken by the dentist. This cutting-edge technology takes an exact measurement of the teeth as they are right now. The treatment plan and Invisalign aligners will be designed using digital data.

A patient may need to wear six to fifty trays throughout therapy (which can last anywhere from a few months to two years), depending on the degree of adjustment needed, to get their teeth into the proper alignment.

  1. Before beginning therapy, patients can view the outcomes

Before beginning therapy, patients can view the outcomes

Digital imaging also allows the dentist to plan the Invisalign procedure before making the custom aligner trays, which is another advantage. In some circumstances, moving the molars may be difficult, and particular procedures might be needed for the best results.

  1. Fewer dentist visits than with traditional braces

As part of the therapy process, patients with metal braces must go to the dentist frequently for adjustments. The only dedication needed for Invisalign is to replace the old tray with a new one after wearing it for at least 22 hours per day for two weeks. Only take out Invisalign when consuming or brushing your teeth.

  1. Invisalign wasn’t developed by an orthodontist

Invisalign wasn't developed by an orthodontist

The creator of aligners underwent conventional dental therapy. He reasoned that some patients’ tooth misalignment might be improved by using a series of increasing retainers. He worked with specialists in other areas, including CAD modeling and 3D printing, while still a student at Stanford University.

  1. Celebrities favor Invisalign

For those who are constantly in the spotlight, Invisalign provides a discrete and understated treatment choice. It enables social interaction without the unsightly presence of metal brackets and cables.

With no wires or metal brackets holding the teeth together, Invisalign therapy is a virtually invisible way to straighten the teeth. The Invisalign aligners are constructed of many layers of aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a medical-grade plastic. This is what makes them invisible as they gradually realign the teeth. Additionally, the attachments applied to some teeth’s front surfaces serve as handles that can be used to grasp the trays and facilitate movement. Although successful, metal braces can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. The braces must be tightened for them to function because the wires and brackets can harm the inside of the teeth.



Now that you are fully informed about Invisalign, you can decide whether or not it is a better choice for you than conventional metal braces. Invisalign, which is transparent and removable, achieves the same result as traditional braces with brackets and wires. In a pain-free, no-pressure setting, it is our goal at ICO DENTAL to make the dental visit as pleasant as possible.

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